Portable Air Conditioner with Replacement Filter,Second Generation of NEXFAN AC,4-in-1 Mini Portable 10W Air Conditioner LED Noiseless Rechargeable USB Table Cooling Fan for Home Office Bedroom

Portable Air Conditioner with Replacement Filter,Second Generation of NEXFAN AC,4-in-1 Mini Portable 10W Air Conditioner LED Noiseless Rechargeable USB Table Cooling Fan for Home Office Bedroom


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Portable Air Conditioner Evaporative Air Conditioner Fan Cooler with 3 Speeds 7 Colors for Office, Room, Camping
–4 in 1 device, including refrigeration, humidification, air purification and aromatically.
–He has pushed fresh air to the next level using an atomizer, so you will feel the cold wind in seconds.
–A 48 * 100 mm vegetable fiber curtain is adopted, the thickened fiber is able to soak in more water and allows more evaporation.
–A refreshing breeze up to 5 feet, a large distance of air circulation can provide a sharpness.
–Easy and convenient to use, you can use it wherever you want.
–Waterproof design, it will remain secure even when shaken.
–You can use it for 12 hours with a 10,000mAh power bank, so you can use it for a day trip outside.
–Small size design, you can take it easily.
–Improved energy saving and noise reduction.
–The normal cooling mode and humidification cooling mode can be switched.
–7 LED colors light up, you can also add aromatherapy oil to enjoy.
–Simple and easy to use, the filter is removable and washable.

Item Type: air cooler
Color: white, navy blue (optional)
Power: 10W
Output voltage: 5V
Wind distance: 5 feet
Blowing angle: 90 ° perpendicular
Maximum wind speed: 80CFM (2.4-3 m / s)
Speed ​​mode: 3
Noise level (dB): less than 68
Water capacity: 500 ml
Lighting: 7-color LED
Package Weight: 900g / 2.18lbs
Filter Element:
Compatible with air coolers.
Mini size that is light and convenient to carry.
Easy and convenient to use, you can use it anywhere you like.
Simple and easy to operate, the filter is removable and washable.

Package Included:
1 * Air Cooler
1 * User manual
1 * USB cable
2* Filter
❄️【Second Generation of NEXFAN Air Cooler】-Upgraded version of the air cooler, humidifier, upgraded on the basis of the first generation of NEXFAN, more powerful speed, cleaner, safer, colder, cooling and keeping the skin moist throughout the summer . The filter is also upgraded again, more durable, washable, and equipped with a replacement filter to give you the best experience.
❄️【Adjustable Wind Speed, Atomization Mode, Ultra-quiet】-Second-Generation NEXFAN Air Cooler has three adjustable wind speeds (high, medium, and low), and the blowing direction is 90° to choose from; double-click the main button to enter the atomization Mode (the mist will not leak out, only inside the case), in the atomization mode, the supply air is cooled by 5-15°, and the volume at low wind speeds is very quiet. It is your best choice for reading or sleeping.
❄️【Air Cooler with 7-color LED Mood Light】-Built-in color soft LED light is upgraded again, not only has seven colors of light, but also has the effect of breathing light, double-click the auxiliary button, you can enter the breathing light mode, not only can create a romantic atmosphere , Can also help you to improve your sleep, you can turn off the light alone, you can turn off when you don’t need it, just turn off the light, but still enjoy the cool breeze.
❄️【Easy to Clean】-Second-generation NEXFAN Air Cooler itself has an almost maintenance-free solution. The air cooler adopts UV-C technology in the entire structural design, which will help reduce dust accumulation on the filter . The filter is removable and washable, and a total of two filter screens are provided, so that you can replace it without worrying about the filter screen being dirty and unable to be replaced.
❄️【Portable power saving】-We specially designed this kind of lightweight air-conditioning fan for personal use. It is easy to carry and does not take up space, very suitable for bedrooms, offices, dormitories, travel, etc. Enjoy the cool feeling without worrying about electricity bills. Only a few cents a day.
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